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iGlobe Treasury Management seeks to invest in promising companies in their seed, start up and early expansion stages, especially those offering innovative, convergent technology-based products and solutions with mass market appeal and rapid deployment potential. This includes innovative products/solutions and ideas in areas such as:

Biotechnology, including food, life sciences and healthcare;
Information and communications technology (ICT);
Creative industries, including multi-media, visual arts, film media and movie production technology; and
Environmental and conservational technology.
Lypanosys Limited    (www.lypanosys.com)
Pharmaceutical development company with a compound having potential application across a number of conditions including eczema, viral etc. They recently attained USFDA IND approval to undertake Phase IB eczema clinical trials. Co-funded with Cure Kids Ventures.
Xumii Inc.  (www.xumii.com)
Developer of wireless applications for social networking, including the iPhone.

Co-funded by two Australian Venture Capital Funds and business migrated to the US in 2007.
Zephyr Technology Group (www.zephyr-technology.com)
Developer of biotelemetry solutions including sensoring and transfer of biometric data.

Co-funded by a United States Venture Capital Fund and business migrated to the US in 2009.
ProjectPartner.com (www.projectpartner.com)
Developer of project management solution that optimizes productivity and profitability for enterprises.
VKorus Pte Ltd (www.vkorus.com)
Provider of next-generation platform services that enable co-creation and co-broadcast of user generated content in multi-modal formats. The services are designed to be useable by a number of industries for a broad range of applications.
Wise Giant Enterprise Ltd
Creates, develops and markets good media intellectual properties in the 3D animation and new digital media space.
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